Warfare: East vs. West

In reading both the Strategemata and the Art of War excerpts, it is clear that although there is a common idea that warfare in the classical age consisted of two armies meeting in a field and going at each other until a clear victor emerged, warfare was more complicated and much more involved, both in … Continue reading Warfare: East vs. West

Post Cold-War Europe, Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia was a contentious area long before the fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent Yugoslavian revolt.  From Turkish defeat of the Yugoslavian area in 1389 and its five hundred year domination thereof to the assassination of Austria’s Archduke Francis Ferdinand in 1914 that set off WWI by a Serbian nationalist, the area has … Continue reading Post Cold-War Europe, Yugoslavia

The Reality of Trench Warfare in Literature – WWI

Prior to WWI, warfare was little different than it was in the Medieval and Renaissance period. Armies would meet on the field of battle, and a series of charges, defensive maneuvers and tactical strategies would take place until one side or the other conceded.  With the advancement of technology brought on by the first and … Continue reading The Reality of Trench Warfare in Literature – WWI

The Existence of God and the Problem of Evil

The problem of evil is a hugely important debate between theists and atheists, and has been for thousands of years. Its importance can be clearly seen by its popularity, and the fact that theologians and religious philosophers have been trying to counter it from very early on.  While the problem of evil is not the … Continue reading The Existence of God and the Problem of Evil

What is Philosophy?

Throughout history, the word Philosophy has had many different meanings to very different people.  Academics have used philosophy and philosophical principles to address every serious and important questions.  Laypeople have used the term philosophy to describe their own attitudes and biases on a variety of subjects.   Philosophy is used within a variety of fields and … Continue reading What is Philosophy?