Conflict, Violence and Bloodshed Between Cultures

Although a peace spanning 50 years was able to be achieved between the colonists at the Plymouth settlement and their Native American neighbors, peace did not last. In many areas of Colonial New England, peace failed before it began.  This can be attributed to many factors, none the least of which was a very deep … Continue reading Conflict, Violence and Bloodshed Between Cultures

Settlers, Native Americans and Alliances

Unlike the later history of conflict, animosity and violence between North America’s immigrant settlers and their Native American natives, the colonists at Plymouth managed to carve out a relatively peaceful prolonged period of piece with several of the neighboring native tribes – at least compared to some of the other settlements at the time. Within … Continue reading Settlers, Native Americans and Alliances

Cross-Cultural Exchange

It’s clear from the early readings of this module that a lot had changed in the landscape and structure of Native American communities prior to their first contact with European explorers or settlers reached North America.[1]  As contact between Europeans and Indians increased, however, the nature of their contact and relationship changed depending on the … Continue reading Cross-Cultural Exchange