Fatalism, Determination and Free Will:

This module’s concept was hard for me to wrap my head around. I’m torn on the idea of free will, and what amount of free choice we actually have, regardless of how we perceive it.  I’ve always wondered if we really do have choice at all, or if we are solely a product of our … Continue reading Fatalism, Determination and Free Will:

Zombies and Personal Identity

The question of what makes me “me” is one that I’ve been wrestling with personally for years, long before I recognized it as a philosophical question. I’ve had many conversations and debates about it, and I’m no closer to a definitive answer now than I was when the question first crossed my mind.  The readings … Continue reading Zombies and Personal Identity

What is Philosophy?

Throughout history, the word Philosophy has had many different meanings to very different people.  Academics have used philosophy and philosophical principles to address every serious and important questions.  Laypeople have used the term philosophy to describe their own attitudes and biases on a variety of subjects.   Philosophy is used within a variety of fields and … Continue reading What is Philosophy?